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(Wow, I'm a dork)

The more I age...

The more I realize how little I know...and how I am going to spend the rest of my life trying to change that to some degree.
     I've never loved like this before, and I love loving him like this.

I'm so lucky to have him in my life. <3

Addictions of writers...

    Vonnegut and King had Pall Mall Cigarettes.

The vast majority of the Beat Poets did drugs and/or drank alcohol.

And me, I have Code Red Mountain Dew to inspire my writing.

Procrastinations for a fake tree...

My boyfriend is such a goofball,

but I love him like crazy.

I have more I'd love to say but you know, I don't feel like saying it. :p

Because it'll be sappy, and who needs to hear that?

So what can I say?

I'm broke

but I'm happy with most of my life.

I'm going to start decorating for Christmas and maybe wrap some presents.

Maybe I'll do a lot of writing tonight because I need to. I doubt it'll make me rich, but I enjoy it and it's a life list goal so who cares?

Though right now, I really need to start moving the Christmas stuff upstairs and maybe set up the tree.

Then at least I can get those damn wrapped presents out of my room and properly placed under a tree!

Which reminds me, I need to get working on that gag gift that I'm getting his whole family and some of the friends into. Hee hee.

The best part is that he's got no idea, and I love it. :D

Stephen King just called...

     I wonder if Stephen King is a vampire.

True story, he called and left a message on the answering machine saying he wanted my blood and that I should go donate it.

Granted it was a recording, but I did make me laugh a little since he is a horror writer looking for blood.

I should donate blood in any case since I haven't in a few months.

Right now though, I need to get ready for work.

Venus De Milo is a size 14...

     Apparently the Venus de Milo is a size 14.


It makes me so happy that the goddess of love wasn't a toothpick. I'm glad we're both the same size considering she is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Greek goddesses. And I'm well, obviously not. I just like these little confidence builders.

I like the idea that beauty, in this case, is not a single numbered clothing size. It is a size 14.

Simply wonderful.

Fatigue and Solace...

     I am so tired that I could fall asleep at the keyboard, but I am taking solace in the fact that I made someone smile today through some simple magic of the gods.

I don't feel like explaining anything else, I'm simply too tired.

Just know there will be some joy when I drift away tonight.

On a PC in the south...

I wish you knew what I wonderful human being you really were. I think you should know that right now I am on the computer  over 600 miles from home and honestly, nothing about it bothers me. Honestly, i think i could do this. I think you might have been onto something here.